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Legend Cycling is an experienced trading company based in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since we began in 2004 we have spent a decade developing and distributing our own bike brand, Azzurri, throughout the Australian market.

Following our success with the Azzurri brand in Australia we began our expansion, taking the Azzurri brand with us, into the Asian market. With strong, talented teams of local people, and a rapidly growing network of dealers, we are well positioned to take advantage of a number of emerging markets.

Beginning in 2014, we will be placing most of our emphasis on Australia and China. In early 2014, we welcomed two established cycle brands, Argon18 and Kuota, to our Australian portfolio. We believe this is a positive sign to other cycle brands of our commitment to getting the right product mix and distribution channels for the markets in which we operate.

In China, we are developing a network of dealers through which we will distribute Azzurri. We are seeking to partner with other top cycle brands in the industry who would like to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to work in a new and highly dynamic environment.


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